What Exactly is Autofellatio? Is This Really a Form of Male Masturbation?


Autofellatio isn't all that common as a sexual term. Partially because it is an act that seems nearly impossible and has a high degree of controversy tied to it.

Simply put, autofellatio is the ability for a man to perform oral sex on his own male organ. Now, one can understand why it isn't such a mainstream word or topic. Clearly it falls off the radar of most sexual topics people discuss amongst themselves. However, this form of sexuality is hardly new or hardly unheard of. It is just one of those topics that doesn't get much discussion or attention. Again, due to its rarity and seemingly controversial nature.

However, controversial as it may seem, it really is hardly controversial. Not too long ago in "Western" cultures such topics as oral sex were considered fairly "taboo." Now such topics are freely discussed on public television where, not that long ago, similar television shows would show the husband and wife sleeping in separate beds. The "sexual freedom" movement that began to evolve in the late '60s and through the '70s has finally began to take root. We can thank the Internet for that, as sexual ideas, information, and devices are within an easy grasp of anyone who has a computer and is connected to the Internet. One no longer has to dress up in a trench coat and put on their Inspector Clouseau disguise, hoping your co-workers or neighbors don't catch you sneaking into some back alley movie theater to watch a sexual film. Heck, now one has to only subscribe to cable television or "log on" to see such things.

This paradigm shift in sexual access has made sexuality a more open topic and less of such an "off-limits" subject. Not that long ago you would never see a woman shopping in an adult sex shop. No. You would only see men. Now, however, not only are women frequenting these shops, half of the staff are women! That's quite a change that has taken place. Sexuality is finally getting its Day at the Races and its Night at the Opera.

As sexuality continues to exercise its freedom, we become aware of sexual practices that may have not been so accessible before. Such is the case with autofellatio. While it has largely gone ignored in recent times, it has a long and distant history. Artifacts from around the world clearly point to the fact that this style of sexuality was practised and employed. From Meso-America to Egypt to Asia. Thousands of years ago.

Autofellatio is simply the ability for a man to develop enough flexibility in his spine and pelvis to bring his mouth to his genitalia. For women it is called autocunnilingus. Those who are curious can do image searches and clearly see such practices being performed by both men and women.

Autofellatio and autocunnilingus are a form of autosexuality. Autosexuality is a term that is used to describe having sex with one's self. Masturbation is the most common form of autosexuality and is practised and enjoyed by many -- it always has and always will. Auto-fellatio/cunnilingus are simply creative extensions of these practices.

So, to answer the question in the Title of this article: Yes, fellating oneself is a form of male masturbation. It has been practised before anyone reading this article ever existed, and will continue to exist once we are all gone. The practice of men and women self-fellating will outlive us all. Its popularity has been mutable, but its presence is not.

Kimi Kalfino

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Because Yoga is a hot topic these days, more men and women are wondering if this type of "exercise" can be used for autofellatio or autocunnilingus. There have also been some comedy skits recently on television that toyed with the idea of these forms of self-love. More than one rock star has been noted as claiming that they had ribs removed to allow themselves to autofellate.

That means that there are more and more people that are wondering what it takes to become an autofellationist (autofellater). People then seek out information to get some autofellatio tips, tricks, and advice to see if they can't perform this form of autosexuality.

That leads people to online "encyclopedias." These won't be of much help, at least not the ones I have seen, but they can give men and women some generalized insight into such acts. However, many of these sites do have mis-information (regardless if it is cited or from a verifiable "source" or not) so keep an open mind when perusing such information.

With a little background in the subject then people realize that stretching would be the end-all method allowing people to enter into these positions. Inevitably "Yoga" comes to mind. Firstly, because Yoga seems to be everywhere these days; and Secondly, because most of us have seen some impressive Yoga positions that probably made us reflect on autofellating immediately.

Certainly these sites can be very helpful. Not just for self-sex acts but to improve your life in other areas, too. Yoga tends to reduce stress, anxiety, and even can affect a person's physiological processes in good ways; such as lowering blood pressure or increasing your ability to digest food properly.

Unfortunately, some of these sites that are mis-informative, too. I would suggest some of the more mainstream Yoga websites and perhaps look into a Continuing Education class or two in your area. Again, anyone can spend a day or two on the Internet and claim they are an expert on everything from quantum mechanics to anti-aging secrets. Ask for referrals or recommendations of Yoga instructors (in your area) from people you trust. The health food stores are always a good place to start. Ask some of the staff if they know of any good instructors. I am sure they can point you in the best direction. These folks have their ears to the ground with this type of thing, so they're probably your best local source for a trusted referral.

Learning some simple stretches and postures through Yoga is one way to test if autofellatio is really for you. Such information can be had from certain Yoga sites and videos.

Kimi Kalfino

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When people think of "wild autofellatio" or "auto-fellatio in the wild," we tend to have our minds wondering about what "animals" actually do perform this act in the wild.

What actually lives in the wild? Well, we did at one time. Our ancestors have shown that we all lived in the "wild." Actually, some of us still do.

Some of us also seem to forget that we are, indeed, animals, too. Maybe because most of us no longer live like "wildlife." But then, too, a lot of our animal friends live with us. Dogs, birds, cats, and the like.

People can perform most self-love acts if they train themselves in the proper methodology. The problem is that since "Man" has become overly domesticated, just like our pets, most of us have lost the ability to perform such things.

Part of this is because we have tended to put on extra weight because of our domestication. Another factor is that we sit for too long of periods of time that are bodies weren't designed or built for. This alters the normal "posture" of our bodies. When posture is affected in this way, it compromises the ability for the spine and the joints to work properly.

We are also less physically active. We let machines do our work for us and we are now even letting machines think for us. We walk and run on hard surfaces that our feet, legs, and pelvises were not designed for. We wear high heels which shortens our calves and achilles' tendons and affects the entire rest of our bodies.

We eat refined and processed food that inhibits our body to function properly. It does so by not giving the body the natural foods we were designed to ingest. Ever look at a bag of white flour? It's enriched, bleached, and refined. Its actual food value is next to nothing. Studies show that rats fed enriched flour died faster than rats that were not fed enriched flour. Now, that's something to think about the next time you eat a piece of bread.

If you offer a gorilla a banana that grew naturally and ripened on its own with your left hand. Then offered him a banana, with your right hand, that was picked before it ripened, and was ripened artificially in a methane chamber, what happens?

He will ALWAYS take the natural banana first, even if it is smaller. Think about that next time you purchase some fruit.

Humans are so out-of-touch with nature, it's criminal. Even gorillas are smarter than us.

What other things affect our ability to perform autofellatio? How about stress? Sure, stress is a huge factor in our naturally-gifted ability toward autosexuality. Mental stress, that is. Stress manifests itself in tension and knotting up of our muscles and ligaments. This reduces are functionability. Our joints are then put under intense and unfortunate strain which hampers their abilities to function properly and allow us proper mobility.

Physical stress should be noted, too. Find a postal carrier that's been delivering mail, by foot, for the last twenty years. Examine their posture and physical alignment. This is what happens if you carry a mail sack on just one shoulder for such a long time.

How about lifting improperly? Slouching in a chair? Weak abdominal muscles... The list is endless.

Is it so hard to wonder why more people don't perform autocunnilingus or autofellatio these days?

However, today, the people who can perform such acts are considered "perverse."

That's a pretty bleak blanket to cast over a group of animals who would, in most cases, be able to perform such feats, if they just lived more natural lives.

That would be all of us.

Kimi Kalfino

Article Source:  http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Kimi_Kalfino
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